Microsoft introduces a new Feature in its ‘Seeing AI’ app

Microsoft introduces a new Feature in its ‘Seeing AI’ app
The Siliconreview
13 March, 2019

Microsoft launches a new feature in its iOS ‘Seeing AI’ app. The new feature will help the visually impaired to convert visual data into audio feedback. It was reported by Windows Central on Wednesday. The ML-powered app allows users to explore photos and objects with just one touch; making them listen to a description of objects within an image.

The app which is exclusively made for scene and object recognition has already assisted many users to read printed texts in books, street signs, handwritten notes, and restaurant menus. Apart from all that, the app has also helped users to recognize products and currencies via their barcode.

It’s pretty simple to use the app, the user just needs to snap a photo and tap anywhere on it.

Users can also get a descriptionof the physical appearance and of people by using the app. They can even predict other’s mood with the app. Since facial recognition is chipped in the app, users can also capture their friend’s and listen to them and monitor their activities.

In terms of object recognition, the app lets users tap around the app to find where objects are.

Currently, the app natively supports the iPad, which will definitely make the Apple tab users happy since they use it as their main interface for media and interactions. Finally, there are few improvements which have been made to the interface; will help the users to manage their desired apps in accordance with the preferences.