Walt Disney to Roll out Streaming Services for Tata Docomo Platform

Walt Disney to Roll out Streaming Services for Tata Docomo Platform
The Siliconreview
01 March, 2019

Walt Disney will roll out a streaming service on Tata Docomo’s platform. The service is expected to be ready by March this year. 

Announced in the Mobile World Congress 2019, the services will feature new releases from Marvel Studios, Pixar, Disney Studios, and Lucasfilm. The price of the services has not been revealed yet.

Tata Docomo has over 75million subscribers in Japan with a market share of 45%. Its other competitors like KDDi’sau service is providing an unlimited data plan to its customers. SoftBank, which ranks third among the carriers, has introduced Netflix subscriptions subscribers since the stream rolled out in Japan in 2015. 

All the three main carriers have applied licenses for 5G bandwidth and the services are expected to go online this year itself. Once 5G services are rolled out, consumers will be able to see more content offered on their smartphones. The mobile carriers in Japan have been pressurized from its government to lower the prices.

The government’s move will encourage more 5G services to balance the revenue shortfall.

From Tokyo Disneyland, Japan has been generating a good amount of revenue from it since it is one of the most profitable theme parks around the world. Although the park is operated under a license, the firm earns a good amount of money at the box office.

For the last five years, Tata Docomo has designed handset with the Disney theme on it.