Dell Technologies Announces New Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

siliconreview Dell Technologies Announces New Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Dell Technologies has made a new launch announcement of new cloud infrastructure solutions. The announcement was made public on Tuesday.Dubbed as Dell Technologies Cloud, the solutions will help users to deploy and manage hybrid cloud environments smoothly.

People familiar with the matter said at Dell Technologies World 2019 that for various organizations, IT complexity is increasing because of the increasingly diverse cloud landscape. No one has that much capability than Dell Technologies in order to assist customers to solve the challenges.

IDC reports suggest that multiple cloud environments are used by over 70 percent of the companies. The biggest challenge for companies in terms of data centres is the development of a successful multi-cloud approach.

The percentage of cloud adopters who are looking for robust cloud infrastructure and seamless operations is 83 percent, according to studies by VMware.

The use of multiple cloud approaches among private clouds in data centres to multiple clouds is increasing in companies globally. The main aim is to simplify IT, functioning in different cloud environments which usually consume more time and adds complexity, said one of the people associated with IDC.

Apart from the new cloud solutions launch, the company has also extended its partnership with Microsoft Corp to fulfil the wide range of needs for the customers.

The partnership will pave the way for the companies to deliver a fully native, supported and certified VMware cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure.

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