Facebook Is Developing an AI Voice Assistant

Facebook Is Developing an AI Voice Assistant
The Siliconreview
18 April, 2019

Facebook is developing an AI digital voice assistant. The reports suggest that the social media giant was focusing on the development a year back when it started to create an AI assistant for this messenger platform simply called M.

The news was first cited by CNBC.

According to Facebook, the company is working less on messaging and more on platforms this time around. The main features of the platforms include gesture control, voice control, and hands-free interaction.

People familiar with the matter said the company is focusing on voice and AI assistant technologies that may work across the family of AR/ VR products which also includes Oculus, Portal and many other products. Therefore, the company may not position the new product launch as a competitor to other AI assistants such as Alexa and others. The new product could fit more into the company’s growing family of hardware devices.

Reports by CNBC suggest that the assistant’s team building is carried out in Washington. The work is led by Ira Snyder, GM at reality labs and director of AR and VR, Facebook.

Reports associated with Mr Snyder’s LinkedIn page suggest that he is the director of a product known as Facebook Assistant, which is probably the secret name of the project. It’s unclear about the finalised commercial name for the product.

If the new product is successfully launched then it will be great news.

Sources are referred from The Verge.