Google Assistant for Home Devices Gets a New Feature

siliconreview Google Assistant for Home Devices Gets a New Feature

Google unveiled a new feature for Google Assistant. The new feature will let Google home devices to wake users in the morning or make them sleep in the night through a Philips Hue light setup.

Dubbed as Gentle Sleep & Wake, the feature is created to mimic the sunrise and sunset. The feature can give users the same luxury experience that people who can buy flats and homes with natural light get on a daily basis through cold, WiFi light bulbs instead. Basically, it is the same thing.

The new feature can be installed through Google Assistant or through Google. Google Assistant will turn on gentle wake up, in which the gradual lighting effect will be applied automatically to the alarm by default. And Google will carry out the commands if users say- Google to “Wake up my lights,” or “Sleep my lights,” The users also have an option to setup the feature manually up to 24 hours in advance.

For example, users can tell- “HEY GOOGLE, WAKE UP MY LIGHTS IN THE BEDROOM AT 6:30AM”.

Currently, the new feature is only compatible with Hue smart lights, so uses can’t use it with another brand of lights, basically, they will be out of luck.

Gentle Sleep and Wake will be rolled out in English in the following regions – India, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and Singapore on Google Home Devices.

The new feature will be very helpful to people in balancing their sleeping cycle.