Google Launches Anthos, a Software-based Open Platform

Google Launches Anthos, a Software-based Open Platform
The Siliconreview
15 April, 2019

Google has unveiled a new open platform. Dubbed as Anthos, the platform will operate and manage apps from anywhere.

Since the platform is based on the cloud, users get a choice to manage apps eighter on the public cloud or in the existing- on-premise hardware investments.

People familiar with the matter said, apart from deploying Google cloud in their own data centers, the platform also allows customers to develop, operate and handle their workloads within the data center. The customers manage their work on Google Cloud or other cloud providers without changing anything.

With Anthos, users can create and handle modern hybrid applications across environments. The platform is powered by Kubernetes and Google-based industry leading open-source technologies. The platform helps the users to transform their architectural approach and let them move swiftly than ever without any security failure or complexity.

The search engine giant also unveiled "Anthos Migrate" in beta. Anthos Migrate automatically migrates virtual machines from on-premises, or other clouds into containers very fast. The containers are inside Google Kubernetes Engine.

The company is happy about the joint solutions that are being offered by partners such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo, and VMware. The announcement was made at an event in San Francisco.

The company is utilizing the benefits of the platform by helping the software providers integrating its offerings

The list of tech partners includes GitLab, Citrix, CloudBees, NetApp, Datastax, Elastic, Portworx, and many more.