How is the rise in technology helping businesses become more up to date

How is the rise in technology helping businesses become more up to date
The Siliconreview
23 April, 2019


Technology is taking over every part of our lives, as everywhere we turn we must use technology in some way to aid our everyday routine. As technology has become more prevalent over recent years, it is becoming more evident how much we rely on it, whether that be at home or work. The rise in technology is strengthening business opportunities by helping multiple industries progress and stay up to date. However, besides technological progressions brought by the internet and social channels, some businesses are using other forms of technology to advance their business further.

As every industry uses technology in some way, it is becoming more apparent just how widespread technology is growing in our modern world. The media industry, in particular, is undergoing a digital transformation. It has also radicalised the publishing industry due to the emergence of audiobooks, online articles and shareable content on social media. This has enabled the printed word to become even more obsolete.

Virtual reality is a rising trend amongst businesses. Over a decade ago technologies like this were costly; therefore, the market was virtually non-existent. However, now it is paving the way for a new era, particularly in real estate. As this technology has the potential to aid developers, investors and consumers alike with their property decisions.

Property investment companieslike RW Invest are using this tool as a way of showcasing their latest developments. They have taken this trend on board to strengthen their standard of service to their investors. As a property company that focuses predominantly on off-plan developments, this is an essential tool for investors, as this allows them to view images of their completed development while it is still in the construction stage. This technology offers investors and buyers a new way to experience properties and improve overall customer experience in real estate. It also helps RW Invest stand out amongst their competitors, as this technology is still new and niche in the industry.

While virtual reality is a driver of profits throughout different industries, it is also recognised as a way of helping people too. Besides aiding the property market, the healthcare sector

 has also embraced virtual reality with open arms. Virtual reality has begun to revolutionise the medical and pharmaceutical industries to create a range of experiences from developing new life savings techniques to training doctors of the future.

One of the most ground-breaking uses of virtual reality is during medical training, as it can gain access inside the human body to areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach. In VR technology, you can view minute detail of any part of the body in an immersive 360-degree CGI reconstruction. This enables medical professionals to create training scenarios that replicate standard surgical procedures.

VR is not only a great way to progress the learning of a junior doctor or to help an established doctor acquire a new skill or learn a new procedure. The technology can also be used for patients to gain a better understanding of their treatment plan which leads to a higher standard of patient satisfaction.

Mental health is another area that is experiencing innovative breakthroughs as virtual reality can recreate scenarios in which psychological difficulties can occur. For example, if a patient has an irrational fear of flying, this situation is almost impossible to recreate without forking out a huge expense for a flight. This is where virtual reality comes into play, as it is an effective way of recreating the event at the click of a button. This can be repeated as many times as deemed necessary. Virtual reality has also been used to help curb memory loss, particularly in dementia patients and help children with autism.