In a Push for IoT, Microsoft Takes Over Express logic

In a Push for IoT, Microsoft Takes Over Express logic
The Siliconreview
22 April, 2019

Microsoft has taken over Express Logic, an American software company, in a move to speed up its IoT development of billions of devices at scale, Economic Times reported.

Sources familiar to the matter said the acquisition will allow the tech behemoth to use billions of new connected endpoints, increase the number of connected devices for the Azure Cloud, and implement new intelligent capabilities.

In order to tap into the market quickly, Product makers which manufacture medical devices, network appliances, air conditioners, temperature gauge, bulbs, and much more leverage the size, safety and security benefits of Express Logic solutions.

People familiar to the matter stated that it’s really excited to announce the news of acquiring Express Logic.

In a statement, Microsoft said that the solutions produced by Express Logic can be utilized even by highly constrained devices. More than 9 billion MCU-powered devices are created and deployed every year across the world. Majority of the devices can rip the benefits of the solutions of Express Logic.

Originally, Express Logic was founded in 1996.The company specializes in manufacturing micro-controller units-based real-time operating systems (RTOS) for IoT and edge devices. With its proven product, it can help Microsoft to scale its business of Azure IoT.

Coming to the acquisition, it is a part of the company’s $5 billion investment which was unveiled in 2018. The new acquisition will boost Microsoft’s IoT development and further enrich its IoT vision.