Anki, the manufacturers of cute mini-robots is facing closure

siliconreview Anki, the manufacturers of cute mini-robots is facing closure

A once renowned robotics company, known for manufacturing smart, pocket-sized robots is now facing closure. The San Francisco-based company Anki will shut down today. As per Recode, the company will lay off its entire staff.

Consumer robotics is still not a very comfortable space and it is difficult for manufacturers to manage their survival. However, Anki still managed to make an impact with its adorable mini-robot companions, Vector and Cosmo. 

As per the report, nearly200 employees are being dischargedand they will receive only a week of severance pay. Boris Sofman, CEO of Anki informed his team that the company is shutting down as it has failed to generate financing and has been seeking funding desperately. Unfortunately, the company is unable to cope up financially as the hardware is extremely expensive.

"It is with a heavy heart to announce that Anki will be letting go of our employees, effective Wednesday," said an Anki spokesperson in an emailed statement.We're doing our best to take care of every single employee and their families, and our management team continues to explore all options available."

Although the company initially garnered a lot of support and financial investments in its early years, it has faced hard times recently to expand its platform. It is unfortunate that the company is shutting down as it was dearly committed to the idea of robots as AI-powered household companions.

Well, it seems that household robots for amusement and companionship are still a far-fetched reality.