Waymo Rolls Out its Ride Hailing App on Google Play

Waymo Rolls Out its Ride Hailing App on Google Play
The Siliconreview
17 April, 2019

Waymo has rolled out its ride-hailing app on the Google Play store in order to open its services to more people in the city of Phoenix, the US.

Earlier, last year, the company introduced Waymo One, a commercial robotaxi service for limited customers. It was launched in Phoenix.  The service was only available to the users who attended the company’s early rider program. The service aimed at bringing vetted regular people into autonomous minivans.

For some time, Waymo previously had an Android app for some time. But few interested riders could gain access to the app after successfully completing the application process. If the company accepted his/her for the early rider program then the riders would get a link to download the app on the smartphones.

The early rider program made its debut in 2017. During that time, over 400 participants were engaged in the participation process. There is no information about the number of peoples shifted to public service.

Currently, the new launch will crackle down the door a bit. But, there will be some limitations to the new service. The new app can be downloaded by interested users, but they won’t be able to get access instantly. Users will be put on the wait list; once accepted they will be able to book rides on the app.

As per the company, the new riders will be invited to the early rider program before they are shifted to the public service. The public service riders will be able to invite guests, snap photos, record videos and share their experience.