Amazon Is Creating a Gadget That Can Identify Human Emotions

Amazon Is Creating a Gadget That Can Identify Human Emotions
The Siliconreview
24 May, 2019

Amazon, the world’s best online retailing company, is working on a new gadget. The company’s new wearable device can read human emotions.

Bloomberg has reviewed the internal documents of the new development and has labelled the gadget as a health and wellness product. Lab126, Amazon’s R&D Company is helping to carry out the new development.

People familiar with the matter and the documents states that the new gadget, which is developed to work with a smartphone, is also equipped with microphones. The microphones are paired with software that has the potential to spot the emotional condition of the user. The software recognises the emotional state through the sound of the person’s voice.

There is no information about the duration of the project, or if the device will ever be rolled out commercially. The documents and the sources familiar with the matter said that the project is code-named Dylan and was recently operational. The device’s beat testing has started, but it’s unclear that the testing includes prototype hardware, the emotion-detecting software or both.

The company did not reveal any information about the matter.

The new invention could pave the way for Amazon to collect strong information for new heath products or could be used for ad and product recommendations. The new concept is likely to boost the debate about the percentage and type of personal data extracted by the top notched tech companies across the globe.

The sources are referred from the Bloomberg.