Apple Unveils New Macbook Pros with Power Boosts and Keyboard Changes

Apple Unveils New Macbook Pros with Power Boosts and Keyboard Changes
The Siliconreview
22 May, 2019

Apple, one of the best tech companies around the world, will update its MacBook Pro versions to boost their speed and power. In its new 15” MacBook Pro, the company has included new 8-cores and 6-cores and a Touch Bar with 8th-gen quad-core processors in the 13” MacBook Pro version.

Earlier, Apple had boosted its flagship notebook and now the MacBook Pro models. The update was done last year along with a graphics update and now the i9 update.

The Cupertino giant states that the new changes will make the processors very fast than the older quad-core models and the 6-corepro models will be enhanced by 40 percent. The 6-core 15″ MacBook Pro will cost $2,399 and will be equipped with 2.6GHz 6-core i7 that boosts to 4.5 GHz. An additional 400 MHz increase can be achieved by running the model in turbo speed mode.

Coming to the second model, the 8-core i9 model will be equipped by two additional cores and a 500 MHz increase over the current 6-core configuration. The cost of the model will be $2,799.

In the case of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar model, it is equipped with 2.4GHz quad-core processors with speeds upto 4.7GHz in the turbo boost mode.

The new MacBooks will be available in the market from Wednesday. The new models are really faster and seamless.