Facebook Is Using Robots to Carry Out Its AI Research Forward

Facebook Is Using Robots to Carry Out Its AI Research Forward
The Siliconreview
21 May, 2019

Facebook is looking to give a boost to its AI research work by experimenting with robots. The social media giant is a high tech company, but not the one which anybody would associate with robots. Nowadays, it’s not an uncommon thing for companies to use robots for work or research.

Other than Facebook, companies such as Amazon, Nvidia, and Google have used the robot as a platform to foray into the avenues of AI research. If people compare robots with playing video and board games, then controlling a robot is trickier and challenging. By keeping all these in the mind, researchers have access to simulated game environments, which paves a way for AI agents to play and learn rapidly. In the case of robotics, there is no such thing called as a shortcut technique.

People familiar with the matter told Bloomberg News that -“the great thing about robotics is that it takes place in real time, in the real world”.

Facebook, after launching the wide-ranging research, shared information about a trio of papers. Firstly, the company would deploy a six-legged robot in order to train it to walk through trial and error; secondly, making the robots learn faster through leveraging curiosity and finally making the robots achieve simple tasks by providing a sense of touch.

The new experiment by Facebook will push its AI research into the next level.