Ford partners with Agility Robotic to develop a Robot for Autonomous Delivery

Ford partners with Agility Robotic to develop a Robot for Autonomous Delivery
The Siliconreview
28 May, 2019

Ford has joined hands with Agility Robotics, a US-based robotics company, to create a robot for autonomous delivery. Dubbed as Digit, created out of lightweight material; the robot has human looksand can move. The robot has the capability to carry packages up to 40 pounds.

Digit can move up and down in staircases, uneven terrains, and adjust itself in bumping situations without falling over. The operation of the robot is controlled by a self-driving car. The technology that is required for scanning and processing information about terrains and to cut down on weight; the robot’s mechanism is housed within the autonomous car that it folds out of.

According to Ford, the robot has a good amount of sensory power to carry out navigation basic scenarios because it is powered by a few stereo cameras and a LIDAR. If the robot faces challenges such as an obstacle, it can send an image to the car and have the car configure a solution. The car could also send the information to the cloud; seeking assistance from other potential systems to help the robot move. Apart from that, multiple levels of assistance would be also provided to the robot in order to keep it nimble and light.

There is no information about Digit’s and the robotic cars would be out for the public. The robot could be used for trails soon and be available to gated communities where it is less likely to hit trouble.