Github Unveils a Patreon- Style Funding Tool for Developers

Github Unveils a Patreon- Style Funding Tool for Developers
The Siliconreview
24 May, 2019

GitHub, the Microsoft’s subsidiary, has unveiled a Patreon-style funding tool exclusively for developers across the world. With the new gadget developers will be able to collect recurring monthly payments from supporters. The supporters must fund the work of the developers on open-source software

Dubbed as Sponsors, the tool’s mechanism is similar to a Patreon. With the tool, different funding tier can be offered by the developers to their clients. The supporters who are willing to help the developer can make recurring payments to the developer.

The new model will be a major boost for the developers of open-source software. Developing a free version of open-source software isn’t really profitable in practical terms. But, open-source software is critical to the majority of the tech that people are engaged every day, from the heart of Android to mini tools that are used inside bog programs.

At roll out, everyone will not be able to get the sponsorship. But the company wants the program to be a success: it's promising zero fees to use the program. For the first year, the company will cover the payment processing fees. Apart from that, GitHub will also be matching sponsorships payments per user during their first usage of the feature. The money covered in the sponsorship is $5000. 

Individual projects can also raise money through sponsors. GitHub will allow projects to link out on funding pages for the admins who links the profiles of project heads who accepts sponsorships. The funding pages are Open Collective and Patreon.