Revamped: Google Lens Gets Five New Modes

Revamped: Google Lens Gets Five New Modes
The Siliconreview
23 May, 2019

The new revamped Google lens now comes with five new options at the bottom bar, Indian Express reported. The new options include dining, shopping, translate, text, and auto. The new feature has been already rolled out with the new Google app 9.91 beta version for Pixel smartphone users.

Reports by 9to5Google suggest that the new look with revamped design is also coming in Google photos. As of now, the revamped lens can be used by a small number of users and a wider rollout is expected to be out soon.

The new Google Lens development was announced at Google’s I/O developers conference held this month itself. The new dinning mode was also out at the event; it can show popular dishes when a user points their smartphones to a physical food menu.

The dining menu in Google Lens will also help users to select their favourite food accordingly and see its actual looks, go through reviews of the particular restaurant through Google Maps, and read other’s reviews about the dish online. The new mode acts more like splitting the bill and even calculating the tip from the original bill.

The translate mode in Google Lens will help users to detect a language automatically when they point their smartphones at a text. The translate feature will overlay the translation on the top of the original words, helping users to read the menu and signs seamlessly in their own specified language.

The text feature enables a user to copy any text by pointing their phone’s camera to the text.

In the case of the shopping mode, any user can search items which are available online by pointing their phone’s camera to an object. The mode can also scan barcodes. Coming to the auto mode, it will provide information about an object to the users whenever they point their phone’s camera to the object.