Google Rolls Out a New Service for Small Businesses in America

Google Rolls Out a New Service for Small Businesses in America
The Siliconreview
02 May, 2019

Google has introduced a new service for small businesses in America. The company carved out a new virtual customer service phone agent called CallJoy from its new project. CallJoy will assist business owners to handle inbound phone calls seamlessly. The announcement was made public on Wednesday.

The low-cost CallJoy acts as a customer service agent which prevents spam calls,shares basic information with callers and help customers to fulfil their business requests over SMS.

There are many customer service agents that are available in the market but CallJoy is very price friendly as it only costs $39/month. CallJoy greets users and provides basic information about the business. The system saves time for business owners over spam calls by blocking the callers.

Apart from that, wherever necessary, the virtual agent can move customers off of phone lines to complete tasks online.In order to carry out the process, the virtual agent provides information about the task such as appointment booking or online orders through an URL in SMS.

Businesses can avail the new service only from a single location and phone number. If any business owner wishes to add an extra location with their own lines, they will be charged per line. The business must have an individual line added within the dashboard of CallJoy.

For now, CallJoy can be used through an invite-only-basis. Businesses require booking a spot on the waitlist from the homepage of CallJoy. Every day, more invites will be shared and soon the system will be open to everybody.

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