Google Unveils a New Payment Method for Android Users

Google Unveils a New Payment Method for Android Users
The Siliconreview
10 May, 2019

Google has unveiled a new offline payment method for Android users. The new payment method is called “pending transactions”. Now, users can carry out transactions without the need for a credit card or any other traditional form of online payment.

The move by the search engine giant comes at a time when it looks to increase its revenue from online apps. Nowadays, users download a free version of any app or games because of lack of access to credit, instead of the paid versions.

To fix the problem, Google has launched many online payment options over the years, but there are many users who depend on cash too. Therefore, the company is now introducing a new payment method.

Users can use the new payment method while checking out when carrying out a transaction for any in-purchase app or other applications. Users can choose to receive a payment code for the purchase. The payment can be made in cash by using the code at nearby stores.

The cashier of the store will verify the payment and then the user can pay cash. After completing the payment process, users will receive their purchase within 10 minutes along with an email confirmation.

The new payment method can be used only by Android users for purchasing apps and games. If any User wishes to get a refund, they can’t redeem cash but credits will be accumulated on their Play Store accounts.

According to Google, the new payment method is currently available in early access, and partners who have used the option are witnessing an average of growth in paid subscribers by 34 percent.