Google Showcases Nest Hub Max Smart Display at I/O Developer Conference

siliconreview Google Showcases Nest Hub Max Smart Display at I/O Developer Conference

Google has showcased something different, apart from smartphones at the I/O developer conference on Tuesday. The search giant unveiled Nest Hub Max. Earlier, the company launched Google Home Hub but the new display is bigger than it.

Equipped with a 6.5 MP camera, the device sports a 10-inch 1,280x800 touchscreen. The camera has auto framing with a 127-degree field of view. In terms of the sound system, the speakers consist of 2x18mm 10W tweeters and one 75mm 30W subwoofer.Apart from the speakers, the device is also built with an ambient light sensor, a far-field microphone. The device has a Bluetooth version of 5.0 and has built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Chromecast.

Users can enjoy the gesture feature on the device because of the camera. Hand signals can be used to play and stop media, hats of the gesture recognition technology. The device has a Face match, a feature similar to Voice Match, which allows Google Assistant to recognise the voice. The one device ML technology, the facial recognition is processed locally; therefore, no data can be left behind on the device by the camera.

The Hub Max will recognize one’s face if he/she walks in front of it. After recognizing, the device will show the information only about that person who uses it. There will be personalised recommendations delivered by the assistant, and one can easily conduct video chatting with their friends by using Google Duo.

The global rollout of Nest Hub Max will be started by this summer starting with the US ($229), the UK (£219), and Australia (AUD 349).