Medivis gets a green signal from FDA for its path breaking Augmented Reality technology

Medivis gets a green signal from FDA for its path breaking Augmented Reality technology
The Siliconreview
31 May, 2019

Medivis, a New York-based firm, envisages the futuristic technology like Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize surgical visualization and brings AR to the Operating Room (OR) sooner than anyone would have anticipated. The company has got FDA clearance for its breakthrough AR tech in surgical planning and it will be rolling out its product suite in hospitals around the country soon.

Medivis, founded by Christopher Morleyand Osamah Choudhry, has launched the Augmented Reality surgical planning toolkit, called the SurgicalAR platformearlier this year. The tool guides in surgical navigation, which can improve outcomes of surgery and decrease complications, as claimed by the company.

The firm raised $2.3 million in financing led by Initialized Capital and has partnered with Dell and Microsoft for its hardware requirements.Also, it has collaborated with Verizon, an American telecommunications company for its much-publicized 5G network as the company is going to need a huge amount of bandwidth.

“Holographic visualization is the final frontier of surgical imaging and navigation,” said Choudhry, a trained neurosurgeon,and Managing Director at Medivis. Mosthospitals presently rely on two-dimensional imaging tech to analyzea patient’s condition. Medivis believes that surgical planning needs innovation and hence it introduced advancements in holographic visualization and navigation.

The company has also unveiled a product suite for medical training in augmented reality called theAnatomyX platform, available on HoloLens and Magic Leap’s devices and is already in use at West Coast University.

There are few other startups such as Vicarious Surgical that are looking to introduce tech like Virtual Reality an Augmented Reality into the OR.