Microsoft Unveils New Robotic Development Platform

Microsoft Unveils New Robotic Development Platform
The Siliconreview
08 May, 2019

Microsoft has made an announcement about an autonomous robot building platform at its Build developer conference this week. The new development comes after the company has taken over Bonsai, an AI start-up which develops reinforcement learning for autonomous systems.

The platform which is partially developed on the acquisition is based on Microsoft Azure. With the platform, developers can train the models for boosting the autonomous physical systems.

People familiar with the matter said that there has been a tremendous change in the journey of machines as they have transformed from being completely manual to become fully automatic and intelligent where they can understand real-world situations themselves. Microsoft wants to speed up that journey, without the need to provide a swarm of AI experts for the customers.

The new platform integrates Microsoft’s ML tools and simulation-based ML tools such as AirSim, Microsoft’s own tool or simulators developed by the third party who assists the models in a safe environment but in a realistic manner and various Microsoft’s IoT services and open-source Robot Operating System.

During the launch preparation, Microsoft’s also workedwith customers such as Toyota Material handling in order to create an intelligent and autonomous forklift. Sarcos is a great example. Sarcos is a company that develops robotics systems. The company has developed for remote inspections that are eighter too risky for humans or unreachable.

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