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Panic unveils Playdate, a pocket-sized gaming console, with many interesting games, cute buttons, and a hand crank

siliconreview Panic unveils Playdate, a pocket-sized gaming console, with many interesting games, cute buttons, and a hand crank

Panic, a company that became popular with its Mac and iOS software, has moved recently into gaming. It has unveiled a new handheld gaming console, which looks cute and has adorable tiny buttons and a hand crank. The company known for games like Firewatch is launching Playdate, a pocket-sized Game Boy-like device, with a 2.7-inch black-and-white screen and the unique hand crank that can be used as a type of joystick. However, what is the most eye-catching thing is itsyellowcolor. “The yellow color immediately made Playdate feel approachable, friendly, and impossible to resist,” says Panic co-founder CabelSasser.

With this out-of-the-box and stylish gaming device, Panic wants to experiment if there is still room for dedicated handheld consoles in the world that is now obsessed with smartphones gaming. Playdate will be available in the market soon (sometime next year), after four years of hardwork put in developing the device. The company has added some modern functionalityincluding USB-C, Bluetooth, WiFi, and a headphone jack to a retro gaming device like this.

What is interesting to note is the hand crank, it is literally revolutionary, something that no smartphone has to be compared with. The video-gaming console has some interesting games from the creators of Katamari, Qwop, etc. It will also include an original title called Crankin’ Time Travel Adventure and name makes it quite obvious that hand crank will be an important part of the play.

The pre-order of the console will begin sometime later this year and the price of the product will be $149 USD.