American Scientists Find New Solution to Power wearable devices

American Scientists Find New Solution to Power wearable devices
The Siliconreview
04 May, 2019

A team of American researchers has developed a potential solution for powering wearable devices via crumpled carbon nanotube forests.

The team from the University of Michigan was led by Changyong Cao, director of MSU's Soft Machines and Electronics Laboratory. The researchers developed a highly stretchable supercapicitors for powering electronic devices. The results demonstrated by the new supercapicitors are stable and rigid, even when stretched to 800 percent of its original size for thousands of stretching cycles.

The results of the new development could help the development of new stretchable energy electronic systems, smart packaging systems, and energy electronic systems.

People familiar with the matter said that the most important thing in the development is the innovative approach of crumpling vertically aligned nanotube forest arrays. Coming to the design, the team’s idea paves the way for the three-dimensionally interconnected crumpled carbon nanotube forests to maintain a balanced electrical conductivity. The process makes the forest it much stronger, efficient, and dependable

Mr Cao’s innovation is the first of the kind to utilize crumpled carbon nanotube forest for stretchable energy storage applications. Although, the height of the forest is 10-30 micrometres, once, crumbled and transferred, the forest resembles an impressive stretchable pattern, like a blanket.

The surface area of the 3-D interconnected forest is pretty big and can be easily altered with nanoparticles or adapted to other designs.

The new development should help self-powered stretchable electronics system to advance in the future.