Why So Many Businesses are Making the Move to Cloud Applications

Why So Many Businesses are Making the Move to Cloud Applications
The Siliconreview
23 May, 2019

Cloud computing is more than just another buzzword around the modern office. Cloud computing has the potential to transform the way that your business operates. A growing number of businesses are discovering that using cloud-based applications is easier and more convenient than using locally-stored software.

There are a number of advantages to moving your business to cloud-based applications. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons that businesses are starting to favor cloud applications.

Focus on the Core Business

Running an IT department isn’t the main specialty of most business owners. In fact, many business owners only have a very basic grasp of IT themselves, making it very difficult for them to pass on useful knowledge to the rest of their team. Moving to cloud-based applications means that you can outsource the technical support of software to the company that provides it. This is preferable to being responsible for managing an IT department on your own when you aren’t really sure how. Especially when that IT department’s main job is software support.

Data Security

When you use a cloud-based service, all of your data is stored remotely. This is much more secure than having physical hard drives, which represent a point of failure that could bring an entire system down. Not only will data be safe from destruction when it is stored remotely, but it will also be harder for hackers to get hold of. If you aren’t an expert in cybersecurity, your data might be safer with someone who is.

Using a service like PieSync, you can keep contact data from a number of different cloud apps synchronized. This not only makes it much easier to manage your contact information but also frees you to use different cloud apps without having to worry about losing access to data you have used with another app.

More Agile Business

When technology is deployed properly in the workplace, it should reduce the amount of work that everyone has to do and improve efficiency. Cloud apps allow your business to be much more dynamic than it otherwise would. Cloud services enable businesses to access what they need when they need it. If you have a pressing need to improve your corporate security, you can use cloud-based services to do so.

You can also take advantage of cloud services in order to gain access to services and features that your competitors are able to offer but you aren’t. This prevents you from falling behind and ensures that your business remains at the forefront of innovation.


When you want to scale up the capabilities of software or hardware that you own and maintain, you will be responsible for all the costs involved in doing so. It takes both money and time to upscale your infrastructure. However, if you are using a cloud service then it is possible to upscale the service without having to restart it.

Cloud technologies offer some very exciting new frontiers for modern businesses. No matter what industry you operate in, cloud technologies have something to offer you.