Amazon unveils new pair of Warehouse Robots

Amazon unveils new pair of Warehouse Robots
The Siliconreview
06 June, 2019

World’s best e-commerce giant, Amazon has unveiled a new pair of warehouse robots at it first ever re:Marsconference. It is learned from the event that the new robots will speed up the automation process at the company’s fulfilment centres.

Since Amazon took over Kiva Systems in 2012, it has been working on revamping its warehouse robots. The spearhead behind the re- designing of Amazon’s key robots is Xanthus.

Amazon’s advantage over their other competitors such as Fetch is the strong foundation, which bolsters the capabilities of its in-house robotics team - which has been the powerhouse for building the warehouse robots. The company will unveil some of its offerings such as the Xanthus Sort Bot and Xanthus Tote Mover this week at the show in LA.

Earlier, the company had announced that 100,000 robotic systems were deployed across 25 fulfilment centres in The US. The strategy is a part of Amazon’s push towards faster deliveries. Nowadays, the company has been working on single-day delivery for most packages. According to Amazon, currently, there are 200,000 robotic drive robots globally. The figures include both third-party and in-house systems.

The company has also showcased another thing called the Pegasus system at the event. Pegasus system is a kind of robot which is designed to sort and move individual packages. The mechanism of the system is similar to the Kiva Robotic system. Pegasus system has already deployed 800 Pegasus units in some of Amazon’s fulfilment centres.