Apple Introduces Call Blocking Feature For iOS 13

Apple Introduces Call Blocking Feature For iOS 13
The Siliconreview
07 June, 2019

Apple unveiled a new feature for its next update for iOS 13 at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. The new iOS 13 will be equipped call blocking software for frequent scam and spam callers; essentially blocking unknown callers.

The software will allow only the recognized phone number to ring; for that, users need to enable the feature in the settings. The contacts can be synchronized from the contacts, mail, and messages. Apart from the synchronized contacts, all other numbers will be dispatched to voicemail. Users will only be notified about the missed call if the caller leaves a voicemail.

The apple’s voicemail transcription can be read by the recipient and check if a call back is necessary.

According to call blocking app Hiya, in 2018, over 26 billion rob calls were made to US users.

People familiar with the matter said- “It’s gotten to this sad state of the world where we don’t want to answer the phone anymore because scammers have pretty much overrun it.”

In 2018, Tech Behemoth Google launched a similar feature inside the Pixel smartphones to tackle spam callers and telemarketers.

The Cupertino-giant previewed other security and privacy related to iOS 13 in the event. It is learned that another feature will pave the way for users to gain more control over sharing location data with pictures and apps. The users can receive alerts if the apps consume the phone’s background data.