Dishcraft Robotics unveils new Robotic Dishwashing System

Dishcraft Robotics unveils new Robotic Dishwashing System
The Siliconreview
19 June, 2019

Dishcraft Robotics, a California-based robotics startup, has introduced an AI-powered dishwashing system. The dishwasher could be used to clean a large number of plates in restaurants.

According to the company, currently, the robot is filling a need due to the problems faced by the restaurants in hiring and retaining dishwashers, and if dishes don’t get washed, the operations of a restaurant could be halted.

At restaurants, there would be a special cart where customers can stack their plates. The cart must be wheeled into the robot and the rest of the job would be done by it. Under a minute’s time, the dishwasher cleans the plates by flipping them upside-down. The cleaning is done with both cold water and a brush. The AI-guided cameras are used to scan the dishes in order to ensure the cleanliness of every dish.

It is learned from the company that the robotic system can clean 90 dishes at a single go. There is no information about the price of the dishwashing system yet. Currently, the customized version of the robotics system is available to the public.

Dishcraft has raised over $25million of capital in funding led by Baseline Ventures, First Round Capital and Lemnos. Apparently, some of the investors have an interest in kitchen automation.

The company has joined the ranks of many new and enthusiastic robotics startups such as Zume and Miso Robotics that are looking to automate kitchens with the help of robots.