Facebook Rolls out new Robotic Framework

Facebook Rolls out new Robotic Framework
The Siliconreview
21 June, 2019

URL: Facebook’s new development

Facebook AI unleashes new open source robotics framework. The company developed the open source robotic framework by joining hands with the researchers of Carnegie Mellon University.

Dubbed as PyRobot, the robotic framework can operate deep learning models trained by Facebook’s ML framework PyTorch. PyRobot can make the machine programming for researchers very simple and even it could make it easier for non-robotics types to jump into the field.

The company wants the new platform to adapt towards robotics fast and boost the robotics ecosystem by providing the AI community a common API for sharing code, data sets, and models. The framework starts its work with pre-trained models for carrying out activities such as grasping, navigation, and pushing algorithms.

The API and codes that PyRobot delivers for commands are very sophisticated. The commands can control robotic movements such as joint torque; position and velocity control, visual SLAM, and planning. The platform can assist practitioners in experiment and benchmark results. 

A roboticist can develop codes in Python by using PyRobot. The codes which are needed to instruct a machine is then translated into more complex commands in accordance with ROS.

The new robotic framework is Facebook’s latest Python-based offering. Additionally, PyTorch, the company rolled out PyTorch Hub earlier to push reproducibility of AI models.

The new development by Facebook is very good and can make a big impact in the field of programming.