American Researchers Develops an AI technique to predict a Psychotic Break

American Researchers Develops an AI technique to predict a Psychotic Break
The Siliconreview
14 June, 2019

A team of researchers from Harvard School of Medicine and Emory School of Medicine has made a breakthrough in the field of AI.  While experimenting with machine learning, the team created a technique that allows AI to grasp early whispers of psychotic break that are inaudible to humans.

The experiment was carried out to determine a possible method to use sign language as a signal of a possible latent onset psychosis.

The team created an ML learning technique that can recognize the indications related to psychosis, especially schizophrenia.  It took two years for the team to study the observations from volunteers, where most of them ended up showing a full psychotic break.

Once the studies were completed, the researchers went through the results and it was incredible. The team had twin success because they found a method to predict with higher-than-human accuracy and a new indicator of an impending psychotic break.

It’s been learned from the field of Psychology that the communication pattern of those who have prodromal psychosis is different from the ones showing neurotypicalbehavior.

The possible implications of the ML method are yet to determine for a longer run, but the prognosis is likely to produce positive results. Currently, there is no cure for Psychosis, but it can be prevented with early detection among the people.

The new development is very promising for people associated with Psychology across the globe.