Google now allows users to flag misleading sites with a new Chrome extension

Google now allows users to flag misleading sites with a new Chrome extension
The Siliconreview
19 June, 2019

A new Chrome extension has been introduced by Google that letsusers flag misleading websites. These websites will then be included in the company’s Safe Browsing index. Moreover, Google is coming up with a new warning in Chrome that notifies users before they visit a site which appears to be malicious. Any sites trying to trick users into giving their credentials or download malware can be flagged using the new extension.

Safe browsing automatically checks for deceptive sites. However, with this new feature, one can flag sites that haven’t been detected yet. The entire process is pretty easy and the extension allows the users to add screenshots, DOM content of the browser, and also the referrer chain that led them to the site. By default, the screenshot option is turned off. Also, one gets the complete freedom to choose which ones of these to include while sending.

The extension puts a flag in the browser bar which changes color depending on how licit the site is according to it.  However, it turns orange for any site that isn’t under the top 5,000 site; this cannot be considered a much useful warning.

“This new warning works by comparing the URL of the page you’re currently on to URLs of pages you’ve recently visited. If the URL looks similar and might cause you to be confused or deceived, we’ll show a warning that helps you get back to safety,”explains a team member.