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In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible -Seth Godin | Teacher, Writer, Entrepreneur

siliconreview In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible -Seth Godin | Teacher, Writer, Entrepreneur

Seth encourages people around the world to level up through his inspirational talks, strategies, and ideas. Seth has been in the industry for thirty years and he reaches out through his blogs every day. He says – “One day if we meet, I hope you’ll share with me your favorite posts. Even better, I’d like to hear about how a book or course helped you interact with the world differently and make a difference.”

This statement of his from his blog clearly shows how down to earth and an open-minded person he is. He has spent most of his professional life as a writer and that is why he could publish around 19 bestselling books. Many books do stand the test of time and according to him, these books are a great way to obtain in-depth knowledge on the vertical he has focused on in these books. He knows for a fact that everyone and anyone who reads his books are those who work or own a business. Hence he always intends to be part of or start a new project so that he can not only inspire his readers but entertain them as well. Although he did have countless detours and speed bumps, the only thing he did was overcome all of that and now he stands as one of the most inspirational personalities on the Internet today. His book on marketing called “THIS IS MARKETING” (a bestseller) was one such book which everyone loved and understood. As readers we often find an author’s writing interesting if we understand what is he or she is trying to convey. Very disturbing content is something all readers stay away from and keeping this in mind he always works in books.

The book is said to project marketing wisdom and a timeless package of Godin’s ideas and views. “Great marketers don't use consumers to solve their company's problem; they use marketing to solve other people's problems. They don't just make noise; they make the world better. Truly powerful marketing is grounded in empathy, generosity, and emotional labor,” says Godin. In the past, Godin did teach many marketers, leaders, entrepreneurs and even fans, a lot of things. Giving out countless ideas, including phrases has aided many to understand the business language.     

Godin’s intention is to teach you how to identify your smallest viable audience and he has brilliantly portrayed it in this book. He says drawing the right signals and signs to position one’s offering is the true key to business success. Also, building trust is important where status, dominance, and affiliation play their role. People will have their goals; all they need is the tools and an opportunity. Here the book written by Seth Godin clearly shows everything one needs to know.