In China: Audi, Renault, Honda Vehicles to Feature Alibaba’s Smart Speakers

In China: Audi, Renault, Honda Vehicles to Feature Alibaba’s Smart Speakers
The Siliconreview
12 June, 2019

Alibaba Group’s voice-controlled assistant will feature in some of the vehicles from automakers such as Audi AG, Renault SA and Honda Motor Co Ltd in China, Reuters reported. The announcement was made public on Tuesday.

People familiar with the matter said that Alibaba is excited to join hands with globally renowned automakers such as Audi, Renault, and Honda. Together, Alibaba can greatly enhance their in-car services and make driving experiences more intelligent and interconnected.

The Chinese company spoke about the new smart speaker at CES 2019 in Shanghai. Dubbed as the Tmall Genie Auto smart speaker; it will allow drivers to use the voice command feature to search nearby restaurants, purchase movie tickets, and even order products from the company’s online retail platform.

According to a joint statement by Alibaba and three other car makers, in the coming years, drivers will be able to monitor and control smart devices at their homes using the speaker.

The new smart speaker is quite similar to Inc’s Echo smart device. Alibaba rolled out Tmall Genie two years ago and released an auto version in 2018. Other car makers such as BMW and Volvo Cars intend to install the device in their vehicles.

According to reports by Counter Point Insights, by 2022, the growth of the global connected–car market will increase by a whopping 270 percent, with over 125 million connected passenger cars to be shipped the period, 2018-2022.

The new smart speaker version would be a great thing for car makers across the globe.