In Mexico: Walmart Rolls out Grocery Delivery Service via WhatsApp

In Mexico: Walmart Rolls out Grocery Delivery Service via WhatsApp
The Siliconreview
25 June, 2019

World’s largest retail company, Walmart has started delivering groceries via WhatsApp, Reuters reported. The move by Walmart will boost its chances of attracting consumers outside bricks-and-mortar supermarkets.

Currently, consumers in Mexico will be able to order grocery from the company’s Superama stores via the messaging app. WhatsApp is a very popular app in Mexico and Superama customers can place their grocery orders in Walmart de Mexico- WhatsApp number run by Walmart in Mexico.

According to the report, the new service has already been tested by a Reuters reporter on Monday. It’s confirmed that the retail giant accepted the grocery listings sent by the reporter. Once the list was accepted, the company’s representatives responded swiftly.

It’s learned from the report that the charges for delivery are as follows: 90 minute’s delivery- 49 pesos ($2.55) and 39 pesos ($2.03) for the normal delivery. Consumers can make payments in cash or cards upon delivery.

In Mexico, there are 92 Superama stores. The company has started accepting orders on its website, app, and through a third party delivery app called Cornershop, which sells goods for other stores.

Walmart intends to acquire Cornershop for $225 million, which has stores across Chile and Mexico. But earlier this month, Mexico’s competition regulator blocked the plan, as they believed that the retail giant could not guarantee an even playing field for rivals also using the app.

The new development by Walmart in Mexico is a big boost for its people and the company as well.