What should the outcome of your Authoring Tool look like?

What should the outcome of your Authoring Tool look like?
The Siliconreview
10 June, 2019

The outcome of your authoring tool is the eLearning course you are aspiring to create. What should it look like? Intuitive, user-friendly, interactive and scalable? Easier said than done.

When you get down to creating your eLearning course, you realise that a lot of science and art goes behind the impressive design and usability that appear on the facade.

You will want to adopt innovative concepts and align with the latest trends, but this has to go without losing track of your ultimate goal. And knowing where you are headed to is important, too.

To give you an idea of what your eLearning course should look like, here are a few tips that industry's leading experts use to get all their ducks in a row.

Personalised learning is a must

There are eLearning trends that come and go, but personalised learning sticks around for several good reasons.

While personalised learning is highly empowering, a one-size-fits-all approach can only go so far. Which is why industry-leading experts had kicked the latter to the curb a long time ago.

Now every learner is different. If you agree on that, then you must also concord with the fact that they should be given the liberty to choose a suitable learning path that helps them stay focused and grasp quickly.

One simple approach to go about it is to let your learners pick or skip modules at their will; take a break anytime and later pick up where they left off. This will enable individuals to learn at their own pace.

I could go on and on telling about the benefits of personalised learning, but I'm sure you get the point.

Learning through play

Ask them to study, they'll get bored at some point. Give them a gaming console, and they'll forget to eat and sleep. Gamification can turn anything boring into interesting. Imagine what would it do to your amazing eLearning course?

You can advance gaming features into your eLearning program, such as animation and augmentations, backed with a compelling storyline. Besides, creating a leaderboard and adding reward points is also a great way to keep the competitive spirit alive.

Make it mobile-friendly

Mobile learning gives your learners the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere, on the go. Most corporate employees find it difficult to deliver on deadlines and keep up with the course at the same time. However, you can make their lives simpler by drawing a line between work and learning. While they work dedicatedly during office hours, they can complete their eLearning course on their Smartphones or Tablets, on the move.

The twinning aspect of mobile learning lowers discontentment at work and makes learning convention less tiring.

Take media content seriously

When it comes to media content, what you create and how you present it, make a huge difference in how well your course is received. If your course is still running on Flash, your content will be as dead as the obsolete plug-in itself. Consider upgrading to HTML5 to give your learners a seamless viewing experience. Besides audio and video, learners can access 2D and 3D graphics content as well. If you are existing tool does not have a provision for HTML5, you can browse through the authoring tool software directory to pick an advanced tool that meets your requirements.

In case you have had your course created in Flash, you could convert it into HTML5 to keep the wheel spinning.

If you create an eLearning course while keeping the above points in mind, it'll stand the test of time and will give your users a seamless learning experience.