Wire Partners with EY for On-Premises end-to-end Encrypted Messaging app

siliconreview Wire Partners with EY for On-Premises end-to-end Encrypted Messaging app

Wire, an encrypted messaging app and services for desktop, mobile, and web developed by Wire Swiss has inked a deal with EY, a UK-based company. As per the agreement, Wire is providing an on-premise version of its messaging app to EY; paving the way for EY to have full control over its servers and utilize the services for different communication purposes.

Wire Swiss developed the team messaging product a few years ago. Wire is based on software-as-a-service approach (SaaS). Teams can sign up to use the services at €4 to €6/user per month. The app will act as a kind of Slack replacement with end-to-end encryption on messages, files, calls, etc.

The solution is being used by 600 companies around the globe across a wide range of industries, from cybersecurity to M&A firms. The companies share highly sensitive data, therefore, slack is not an option.

The new move by Wire will take them ahead of what they are now. EY was seeking for an end-to-end messaging service to share messages and files with customers while wanting to control the servers in-house.

EY has carried out testing of the services with 150 people and roughly 20 clients. And the company intends to launch it to more teams across the organization. Currently, Wire Swiss has 70 employees and the company has been focusing more on on-premise implementations.