A Full Guide to Starting a Tech Company in Silicon Valley

A Full Guide to Starting a Tech Company in Silicon Valley
The Siliconreview
11 July, 2019

If everything is bigger and better in California, then going into the tech industry is like contending with a behemoth. Around the globe, Silicon Valley is known as the premier spot for both emerging and well-established tech companies. This is the area where engineers, web developers, geeks, investors, inventors, and innovators all come together. They have created a culture that caters to the young, eager, and vibrant start-up tech company founders, employees, and all of the people who support innovation. That makes Silicon Valley the very best place to get your start if you want your tech company to become larger than life itself.

It’s All in the Name

You can name your tech company whatever you want, but the name that you come up with has to be simple and memorable. When people first heard of Google, they didn’t know where it came from or what it meant. Now, Google is associated with the internet. You simply can’t use the web without coming into contact with or making use of Google products. So, when you choose a name for your tech company in California, go with something that is modern, easy to pronounce, and fun. Check the business registry in California to ensure that you aren’t impeding on another business owner’s name for their company. Look at available website URLs and make sure that you can get all extensions you need, such as .com and .net.

Choosing a Great Company Location

Setting up your techbusinessin Silicon Valley will put you at a huge advantage as you will be right in the center of a virtual technology renaissance. On every street and just around every corner, there are going to be businesses that want to form a partnership, potential mentors who want to teach you, and other businesses that will support you and your employees along the way. Go ahead and take the first steps to form an LLC in California after have your eyes set on a good location to have your business headquartered. Of course, you can operate out of an apartment or even setup in a co-working space. Just know and be able to visualize where you will be operating your tech company.

Filing the Necessary Paperwork to Form a Business in California

The most involved part of getting a tech business started is obtaining your business license, filing your articles of organization, and getting all financial details sorted out. Applying for a business license involves fees, just as it does in other states. This is also the point when you will need to learn how to start an LLC in California, get information on corporations, and look into S-corps. In other words, the type of business entity you form will follow you and your business for the entire time that you are in operation. Different business entities mean different tax rates, fees, and requirements. A lot of smaller companies start off as LLCs, which are limited liability companies. Visit How to Start an LLC for all the details on forms, fees, and everything else required by the state of California to officially get your business started.

Selecting a Registered Agent for Your Silicon Valley Business

So, when you form a business, you have to elect a person in which to receive mail for your company. This person is officially known as a registered agent, and they will appear on all of your business forms. For example, if a person wants to look up your company online, then your company name and the name and address of your registered agent will appear prominently. If you are looking to save money then you can be your own registered agent.On the other hand, electing a registered agent can help you to keep more information about your company private, especially if you are going to be operating from your home. In Silicon Valley and other locations in California, there are easy and cost-effective registered agent solutions. See which companies help newly established companies to obtain registered agents for low fees.

Obtaining Startup Capital

To go into business in Silicon Valley, you are going to need a lot of business funding. There are business loans and credit cards to choose from as well as investors and even fundraising efforts. While it can be very expensive to start tech-based companies in Silicon Valley, the good news is that there are also investors at every turn. In Silicon Valley, there is a high concentration of millionaires, investors, philanthropists, finance companies, and advisors who are all fully dedicated to helping the region maintain its reputation as a tech innovation powerhouse. As soon as you have a company name, a business plan, a mission, and a great pitch, you can start meeting up with those who will help you to gain more capital. Expect to fund your tech start-up company with a mix of traditional business loans as well as angel investors and other forms of funding.

Staffing Your Company

Whether your tech company is going to be headed by a small team of young workers, or with hundreds of established, seasoned employees, Silicon Valley is a great place to find talent. With local colleges such as USC and cities like San Francisco nearby, there is always a plethora of talented tech industry workers looking for employment. Consider whether you are going to be staffing your company with actual employees or freelancers to begin with. Yes, you can save money by going the freelance route, but then you can also risk losing talented workers who are looking for permanent work. Weigh all of your options when thinking of the future of your company.

If you have great ideas to improve upon existing technology or want to innovate new products, programs, and services, start your tech company in Silicon Valley. There are going to be competitors and potential collaborators at every turn. This is what is going to keep you motivated to keep moving, brainstorming, and working to see that your tech-based company becomes known worldwide.