Brave Care, the substitute for urgent pediatric care raises $1.45 million

Brave Care, the substitute for urgent pediatric care raises $1.45 million
The Siliconreview
16 July, 2019

A visit to the emergency room can be a nerve-racking experience, especially for people in the United States where the costs of healthcare can be crippling. The experience is even worse for parents who bring in sick or injured kids for treatment. Visits to the E.R can be significantly more expensive in comparison to a scheduled visit to the family doctor. But an ambitious startup named Brave Care has just raised nearly $1.5 million in order to establish a chain of pediatric urgent care centers across the country.

The idea behind Brave Care is to help parents of very young children (toddlers to pre-teens) make the right decision without anxiety. It is not unusual for parents to hit the panic button when they see their children injured or sick and rush them to the emergency room. However, a visit to the E.R. may or may not prove to be serious, but it still ends up burning a hole in the pocket. At other times, parents may also lack awareness about the symptoms and could end up neglecting something that can turn out to be serious.

It is for these reasons that Brave Care also plans to launch its own mobile applications that can enable parents to make informed decisions when it comes to pediatric care. Brave Care clinics would be designed to be kid-friendly and put anxious children as well as parents to ease.