Sea food replacement to be next big thing in alternative proteins

Sea food replacement to be next big thing in alternative proteins
The Siliconreview
08 July, 2019

Meat has been a major part of the diet for people since millennia. Hundreds of millions of people from all across the globe rely on meat for their daily food. Additionally, seafood, especially fish, is also one of the most consumed types of animal protein. While numerous startups have begun offering alternative plant-based artificial meat, there are a few companies that have gone on to develop an artificial plant-based substitute for fish. But that is rapidly changing.

Campaigns promoting the health benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets have soared in recent years, prompting millions across the globe to make the change and give up or at least restrict meat in their diets. In addition to the health risks involved in eating meat, there are also environmental hazards that are associated with it. The meat industry, especially for chicken, pork and beef are known to cause an increase greenhouse gases and consume a disproportionately high quantity of land, water, and other resources, which otherwise could be used in sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, there is also the problem of hormones and chemicals used in animal farming, which increase the quantity of meat yielded, but also increase the risk of cancer and other types of diseases.

It is because of these reasons that startups selling laboratory-grown meat have received large amounts of venture capital funding. But these budding enterprises are slowly waking up to the massive market for fish substitutes and many have developed techniques to grow fish meat artificially. It is a multi-billion dollar global market and it’s only begun to be tapped.