New ‘Jamming’ Technology used by the U.S Warships

New ‘Jamming’ Technology used by the U.S Warships
The Siliconreview
23 July, 2019

The United States had brought down a drone that was deployed by Iran and the US used the new maritime anti-drone technology to do it. According to reports, the drone close to the American warship USS Boxer in the Strait of Hormuz was brought down through the new tech. This new tech was recently added to the naval defenses. Iran did deny the claim and did say that its drones are accounted form, which made the US superiors think. Also, this tech is the U.S. military’s new move to deploy more furtive measures. Especially against Iran and after the incident where the drone came within 1000 yards of the warship, the US government is more conscious. The reason the drone was taken down was that it had not responded to ant of the calls made by the warship. It was asked to stand down several times but dint and as a result, it was taken down.

This tech is quite advanced where it uses dubbing the Marine Air Defense Integrated System (MADIS) and is a complete anti-drone tech. Many threats have been happening against the US marines and it is obvious the military will take action. That is why this tech was brought in where it uses jammers to block the drone’s communication and that causes the drones to crash.