Data Transmission now Changed: Provo Company’s New Technology

Data Transmission now Changed: Provo Company’s New Technology
The Siliconreview
12 August, 2019

Today’s generation is completely dependent on wireless tech. From phones to laptops to everything electronic, everything is going great. But the only problem that is holding back the connection is the distance and the thick walls that block the Wi-Fi and other radio signals. To provide a solution for this problem an inventor from Utah County has come up with an idea. It is called “Sure-Fi”, which is the world’s first RF (radio frequency) tech. It is an unlicensed band that will be reliable and is 100% sure to connect, which gives you the same quality as a wire.

The Founder and CEO of Sure-Fi are Mark Hall and he confirms that it will connect you no matter where you are. It is surely not going to change how phones work, but it will allow you to have better connectivity. It will also change how data transmission is transferred through wireless both at home and at work.

Low data can be robustly transmitted and the CEO confirms this in his lab at Provo. The radio signal can carry limited range and data but long-distance and metal won’t be blocking Sure-Fi.