Toyota to Provide Fuel-Cell Technology to China’s FAW and Higer Bus

Toyota to Provide Fuel-Cell Technology to China’s FAW and Higer Bus
The Siliconreview
05 July, 2019

FAW and Higer Bus, two Chinese automakers, plan to buy key hydrogen fuel-cell parts from Toyota Motor Corp. It was announced on Friday and reported by Reuters.

The Japanese automaker is betting on promoting the technology which they think is more effective than battery-powered vehicles. In China, Toyota will push the rapid adoption of fuel-cell technology.

Many automakers including Toyota, Daimler, Hyundai Motor Co, and Honda Motor Co Ltd have been trying to promote the technology from the past twenty years, but due to the technology’s high price tag and the absence of refuelling units, promotion efforts have been hampered.

According to the report, Toyota hopes to conduct meetings with more companies in China, as to support the application and promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the country. Furthermore, the company will provide fuel-cell components to the Chinese car makers, with Re-Fire Technology being the local supplier. Re-Fire will be the system integrator and build fuel-cell powertrain technology for manufacturing hydrogen-based buses.

Earlier, Toyota had provided fuel-cell parts to Chinese commercial vehicle makers Beiqi Foton Motor Co Ltd and Beijing SinoHytec Co Ltd., the report confirmed.

Coming to fuel cell technology, it uses only water as a byproduct. The fuel-cell cars will run on a stack of cells that electro-chemically combine hydrogen with oxygen to generate electricity to propel the vehicles.