Uber Eats launches dine-in option for restaurants

Uber Eats launches dine-in option for restaurants
The Siliconreview
05 July, 2019

We all have experienced the irritation that follows when we have to wait for our food to be served at restaurants, especially if we are in hurry or just plain hungry. Uber has launched a new feature that could make waiting at restaurants a thing of the past. Uber Eats has rolled out a new feature that allows users to order their food before they arrive at the restaurant and have it served almost as soon as they sit down to eat. Additionally, users can also choose to have their food prepared at a specific time, so that they won’t have to wait while seated at the restaurant.

This feature is evidence that the ride-hailing giant is planning to become ubiquitous in the dine-in, take-out and delivery sectors. Uber Eats is reportedly planning to incentivize customers into using the dine-in option by providing subsidized cab fares if users wish to travel to the restaurants in which they’ve pre-ordered. Additionally, Uber is also planning on creating a list of specially featured restaurants which would include those that provide discounts. This move could force more establishments to sign up with Uber Eats, making it all the more ubiquitous.

What’s interesting is that customers can choose to leave tips through the app itself or the old fashioned way of leaving them at the table. Uber could very well go on to become the app people use whenever they are hungry.