Utilizing Used Dental Equipment for your Business: A Guide

Utilizing Used Dental Equipment for your Business: A Guide
The Siliconreview
18 July, 2019

In today’s economy, owning a medical practice or business can be costly. Having the ability to utilize these savings as well can help cut the costs in the correct areas. In 2019, there are more dentists that are looking to buy some high quality used dental equipment.

Buying used or refurbished dental equipment can save you 50% of the cost of some new equipment. By buying from the supplier and cutting out the middleman, higher prices and additional fees can be eliminated.

The money that’s saved by the dentists can be used for their practice in multiple ways. Saving up to $100,000 will equate to $1,500,000 dentists once they reach retirement. And in this guide, we’ll give you a reason why you should consider used dental equipment for your medical practice or facility.

Benefits of Buying Used Dental Equipment

There are some benefits to buying used dental equipment. Besides the chance of making practice with quality results and the reduced cost of equipment, buying from refurbishing companies will save you money on both the installation and delivery as well.

You’ll find equipment, installation, delivery teams, service providers all in one place so you can both save money and time.

By seeking a company that believes in affordability and quality, and a strong adherence to customer service, you can save money and help prepare for your medical practice’s future.

Buying refurbished dental equipment does not include sterilizers, dental operators, or dental chairs. However, it does include digital products like X-ray equipment and more.

Whether you plan on opening practice for the first time or trying to update your current one, finding the dental company that focuses on selling the used equipment can make a huge difference on how much money you'll save.

In fact, most companies will buy, trade, or sell for your current used condition. The most important factor is your office. Pick out the equipment you like and make sure that it fits your current budget. Doing so will allow you to get a high-quality machine at a fraction of the price.

Additional Tips

Make sure that you’re buying your equipment from a reputable company. There are hundreds of false companies out there that are selling fraudulent equipment out there. So make sure you check with each seller and make sure they have a reputable reputation before throwing out thousands of dollars for dental equipment.

Another thing you'll have to inspect is the quality of the equipment. Check to see if the machines work and if there are any hardware or software issues associated with it. This will help you maintain its quality and ensure that it will serve your patients in a real-time situation. 


There’s nothing wrong with getting used dental equipment, just make sure that you’re researching for the sellers that are the most reliable. By doing so, you’ll save money while improving the transparency of your medical practice. Whether you’re starting off of you need a temporary fix for your equipment, used equipment is the best alternative.