Audi launches a new electric scooter

Audi launches a new electric scooter
The Siliconreview
06 August, 2019

Electric scooters have skyrocketed in popularity in numerous cities across the globe. They have a wide range of benefits that includes convenience, ease of transport, affordable travel, and above all zero emissions. As most metropolitan cities battle with burgeoning traffic problems caused by increasing population density, people have readily adopted electric scooters from on-demand services.

However, most scooters are not without faults. Many of them lack durability, range, and some safety features. But German automotive giant Audi has introduced a new type of electric scooter that could solve most the common problems associated with usage.

Priced at over $2200, the scooter seems like a cross between a scooter and a skateboard. It enables users to ride one-handed. The handle is used for braking and accelerating and the scooter’s battery is located at the base of the handle. Users can maneuver it by shifting their weight. It has a top speed of a little over 12 miles and a range of about 12 miles. The scooter is complete with a headlight, rear, and front brake light, and LED light. Moreover, a display at the handle indicates how much range is remaining. Another advantage is that these scooters can be folded up and stowed away in the back of a car.

Sales and distribution have reportedly being planned to start from 2020. It is to be sold in bulk to fleets operated by service providers in addition to private buyers.