Focusing on Diabetes Tech, Big companies Aims to Launch Devices

Focusing on Diabetes Tech, Big companies Aims to Launch Devices
The Siliconreview
05 August, 2019

American companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet are betting on diabetes technology, CNBC reported on Saturday.

The US is the home to more than 100 million diabetic patients followed by India; therefore, these companies have shifted their focus on the development of new tools and services to help people manage the disease more efficiently.

The report says that all three companies have tied up with traditional medical device manufacturers for the development. Alphabet-owned company; Verily (formerly known as Google Life Sciences), has joined hands with Dexcom, an American company to roll out continuous monitoring hardware and develop coaching services around that. The company also tried to make a contact lens to monitor blood sugar levels but was unsuccessful.

Nowadays, Verily has a group known as Onduo that is looking to launch software and services layer around diabetes. The company is also providing lifestyle coaching to guide people on the basis of their diet and exercise. The partnership with Dexcom will also help the company to produce a type 2 diabetes monitoring device.

Cupertino-based giant, Apple, has also partnered with Dexcom to make their app available in Apple Watch and iPhones.

On the other hand, e-commerce giant, Amazon, is eyeing to sell glucose monitoring devices. The readings of the tests would be via the Alexa voice assistant.

The move by these companies will definitely bring a positive change in the healthcare space.