GMP Partners with Sunrun to Extend the BYOD program

GMP Partners with Sunrun to Extend the BYOD program
The Siliconreview
31 August, 2019

Green Mountain Power (GMP), a Vermont-based electric services company, has joined hands with Sunrun, a Solar Energy provider to extend its on-going BYOD (bring-your-own-device) program.

In brief, GMP will include Sunrun’s Brightbox home solar battery system in the extended program. It is the only investor-owned utility in the region of Vermont. In the program, six different battery manufacturers will provide batteries to customers.

According to Sunrun, its batteries have the potential to backup electricity upto 12 hours and power the internet along with a kitchen, garage door, and lighting. People can register to the BYOD program by providing their utility permission in order to access its storage systems for grid-management purposes.

The program was introduced by GMP in 2018, after a successful collaboration with Tesla.

GMP is betting big on battery storage in its goal to change Vermont’s power grid to 100 percent renewable energy. It currently powers 265,000 business and residential customers in the region. The goal of the utility is to become fully carbon-free within six years and renewable within 11 years.

The company offers an upfront payment of $850 per kW of storage to the customers who enrol in their battery system in the BYOD program for a decade.

Apart from Vermont, people staying in Puerto Rico and other nine states can also purchase the battery systems.