Google Rolls out AR Walking Feature for Android and iOS

Google Rolls out AR Walking Feature for Android and iOS
The Siliconreview
09 August, 2019

Google has rolled out a new feature called AR walking directions in Google Maps. The beta version, available for both iOS and Android devices, will only support devices with system-level support for AR.In the case of iOS, users must have smartphones which support ARKit and for Android users, smartphones should support Google’s ARcore. 

The new feature was first available to Google Pixel users and in alpha mode earlier this year. The feature allowed users to use real-time navigation in Google Maps. Furthermore, the new feature isn’t just developed to use it while continuously walking — instead, it shows real-time view by showing arrows and big readable street markers overlaid on the scene; providing a quick, easy and super useful orientation to the users.

The process helps users to orient in unfamiliar settings, which is very helpful when travelling in new territory.

Users can follow the steps to test out the live view when it is available on their devices, firstly, they need to search for a location where they want to go or click on the map, secondly, users need to click on the directions button at the bottom of the menu, and after that they need to select the walking directions at the top side of the screen. In the final step, users need to click on the new Live View option at the bottom of the screen.

The new update for Google Map is a part of the company’s biggest update towards its mapping services.