Hacker builds an iPhone charging cable that can be used for hacking

Hacker builds an iPhone charging cable that can be used for hacking
The Siliconreview
13 August, 2019

With cybercriminals getting bolder and ever more creative, organizations have been struggling to keep up with the pace of cybercrime. While most people today are well aware of the dangers of plugging in unknown and random memory devices into their computers, nobody would suspect that an innocent USB charger can be a means of uploading malicious code. A rigged USB charger is exactly what a cyber-security expert has succeeded in creating.

The hacker who works as a cybersecurity specialist in Verizon Media has built a specially rigged Apple USB cable that is capable of working through a common Wi-fi. Once an unsuspecting user plugs it into his or her computer and if it is in Wi-fi range, a hacker can easily send malicious code into the victim’s computer, to carry out anything from uploading phishing pages to malware for password extraction. From then on, the victim’s computer becomes completely accessible, allowing the hacker to steal all the data on the computer.

Furthermore, the person who built the rigged charger has also claimed that he can do so with any USB cable, essentially having the capability to hack anyone who plugs in the rigged USB cable. The hacker mentioned that he spent his own money developing this hacking tool in order to raise awareness about newer and innovative methods of hacking.