Rebranded: Kurbo Focuses on Kids’ Health in New Avatar

Rebranded: Kurbo Focuses on Kids’ Health in New Avatar
The Siliconreview
16 August, 2019

WW (formerly Weight Watchers), an American company which specializes in offering health, food, and fitness-related services and products, has launched an app called Kurbo, which monitors a Kid’s health.

Originally, the app was called Kurbo Health and was born out of the Stanford Paediatric Weight Loss Program. It focused on child obesity domain.  Kurbo Health was taken over by WW for $3 million. Subsequently, the app has been re-branded as Kurbo.

Kurbo Health, unveiled in 2014, was developed to track healthier eating patterns without parents among children. The app allowed parents to stop playing ‘food police’. There was also a virtual coaching feature in the app.

The app was different than adult apps such as Noom or MyFitnessPal. In these apps, people would see metrics such as sugars, calorie, fat, and carbs but Kurbo Health indicated food choices categorized in different colors such as red, yellow, and green.

In the new Kurbo app, the curriculum has not changed much. The red-colored food categorization is still there along with the optional live coaching feature. The app still updates with coaching sessions with the parents in order to schedule a class.

Few new tools have been included in the new rebranded app. The tools include recipe videos, meditation guide, and a game based on a healthy lifestyle. People, who subscribe to the app, can have a virtual session with coaches specialized in nutrition-related fields, fitness, and counselling.