NEC Tests Flying Cars in Japan

NEC Tests Flying Cars in Japan
The Siliconreview
07 August, 2019

NEC, a Japan-based tech company, has unveiled a concept flying car in Japan on Monday. The drone-like prototype hovered 10 feet off the ground during its test and stayed for a minute in the air, Reuters reports confirmed.

According to NEC officials, the flying car is designed to carry out deliveries autonomously. Its battery encompasses four propellers and designed for unmanned deliveries. During the test, the vehicle was put inside a cage without any people.

Norihiko Ishiguro spoke to Associated Press (AP) and shared few things. Mr Ishiguro said that NEC believes that a revolution of flying cars travel will happen soon. The company want to provide technology and services as a management base when flying cars would be commercially used on the day.

Currently, the technology is still on the development stage where a little bit of finishing is required on battery life, safety, and regulation.  On the other hand, technology such as EVtol or EV take-off and landing is less costly, quieter and more accessible than helicopters, and could be used to avoid traffic situations in large cities or just offer recreational travel.

AP reports says that the Japanese government has already constructed a zone for testing flying cars in Fukushima and is looking to launch commercial flying vehicles within four years, starting with the transportation of goods and then shift to manned transportation by 2030.

People used to envisage about flying cars but NEC has made it a reality now.